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Junior Hunt

Saturday November 30th
Monday December 30th 2019
Location TBD

Bull Run Hunt host our annual Junior Meets.  We would love for any Junior interested in foxhunting to attend.  We ask that Juniors arrive and are mounted at least 30 min before the start of the hunt.  Following the meet we will have a breakfast for all. 

If you are interested in coming to ride or just follow in a vehicle (4-wheel drive advised), please contact Davera Ackenbom at (434) 960-7975 or to RSVP.  She is also happy to answer any questions you may have about foxhunting with Bull Run Hunt, please don't hesitate to ask!

*Ahead of time*

Please send your signed waivers and copies of negative Coggins test to speed up check in.  This will prevent traffic out to the road and keep everyone safe!  All documents (including pictures of coggins - no need to scan) can be emailed to Davera Ackenbom at or mail:

Davera Ackenbom
PO Box 145
Palmyra, VA 22963

There is no cost for Juniors to hunt on this day.  Adults wishing to ride with their juniors will be charged a half price, $60, capping fee (Riders under 12 must have an adult chaperone riding in the same flight). No hunt affiliation is needed. ALL horses MUST have a negative Coggins test. ALL riders must have a signed Liability Release waiver, Juniors must have it signed by a parent or guardian. Please make sure to read about the 3 flights available beforehand.

Bull Run is a unique hunt in that we run three flights.  First flight goes quickly and jumps (up to 3'3"), Second flight goes quickly and occasionally has to jump up to 2', Third flight is walk/trot and rarely a canter over short distances (depends on riders in field).  We feel that we are a great hunt for juniors to "try out" foxhunting.  

For ALL flights riders and mounts MUST be able to do the following:

  • Stay calm and in control in a large group of horses (sometimes over 20)
  • Stay calm and in control when asked to stand still while other horses gallop past
  • Stay calm and in control when surrounded by up to 50 hounds
  • Be able to calmly and capably walk through a stream or river, across a bridge, and along the side of a road.
  • Be able to navigate steep terrain, muddy terrain, ditches, going through brush, and sharp turns at speed appropriate to the flight 

Advice for first time foxhunters:

  1. Riders that have never foxhunted or are very inexperienced with hunting should not ride horses or ponies that have never hunted.   Even if you horse or pony is great on trail you should not hunt it until you have been out a few times on an experienced mount.  Riders or Mounts that are deemed incapable of handling the pace and terrain of foxhunting may be asked to leave the field by the Field Master.  If you are interested in leasing a hunt pony or horse for the day please contact BRH and we can guide you to some wonderful, safe mounts.
  2. Tack should be strong and well fitted.  Foxhunting requires all three flights to navigate challenging terrain at all different speeds.  Your saddle and bridle must fit well and have the appropriate equipment to stay in place.  Breastplates are encouraged for horses and ponies.   
  3. Foxhunting is NOT a trailride!  The course of the day is determined by the foxes and hounds.  The humans do not control the pace nor the direction.  Riders should be prepared for tough terrain and moving at speed over less then ideal footing (including Third flight).
  4. Juniors that are nervous should have a competent adult ride with them as a chaperone to help both them and their mount (mandatory for riders under 12).  If needed, please contact BRH and we can help you find a member willing to hunt next to your junior.
  5. Foxhunting is FUN!  We want Juniors to have the best experience possible so please don't hesitate to contact us with ANY questions :)


We had a GREAT time at our Junior Hunts last year!  Juniors are encouraged to dress comfortably and warm in boots, breeches and a dark conservative top (hunter show clothes perfectly acceptable and ski/rain coats if bad weather).