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**Call before heading out to verify any changes, please!

Hon. Secretary: 908-400-8223

Field Secretary: 540-672-5128 


Centennial Celebration!

It's the Centennial Year! Lots of great events are planned for our 100th year of fun. First, a centennial participation award in the form of a gold lapel pin will be given for every 10 hunts during the regular season. Simply keep track of the hunts and report to the Master to receive the pin. Also, there will be various categories of awards such as New Member, Guest, and Member Awards. Ask about the Centennial Hospitality and Recruitment Award. A ribbon bar pin will be given before each hunt where a member presents a hunting guest. Check with Mike Long MFH for more details.


Lindsey Williamson takes 2nd in Sidesaddle for BRH at Warrenton Hunt Night!

Please be sure to congratulate Lindsey Williamson for representing Bull Run Hunt at the recent Warrenton Hunt Night Horse Show.  She came in second place in the side saddle class!!!  Yeah Lindsey!!


Hound Fundraiser & Puppy Party!

Thanks to all of those folks that came out and supported the Hound Fund at the clubhouse.  Thanks to Jerri/Meri Wade and Tutie Saunders for donating to the stall mat fund.  And thanks Andy Stahling for your donation too!


  • Bucky & Adrianna Waddy -- Angler & Bucky
  • Joe Kincheloe -- Beemer
  • Fred Burks -- Bicon
  • Steve & Lise Murphy - Bongo
  • Kim Wilkins - Wingman
  • Bill & Lindy Sanford -- Whopper, Bravo & Beta
  • Kat Connolly -- Boomer
  • William & Inga Rogers -- Atoka & Ambush
  • Phillip & Gail Berry - Bogie
  • Chris Allen & Rosie Campbell - Joker
  • Bridget Efaw - Abigail

Be sure to thank these folks when you see them for bidding and buying the naming rights to these hounds.



Want to hunt for $10 a day?

© Liz CallarBull Run Hunt went out 99 times last year! Snow, rain, tornados, even in nice weather you will see us go hunting. Very seldom do we cancel. Last year was an exception as we canceled when no one could get out of their driveway. Greg was heard to say if anyone shows up at the Kennels he will go hunting ( he lives there so he did not need to leave his yard to go hunting). We sure would like you to consider joining Bull Run Hunt as a regular member. Joe Kincheloe is quoted as saying "We are the cheapest hunt around" Come save some money and join. Ask about capping to applying to membership. Simply download and complete the registration form. 


Dues are Due!  

© Liz CallarThe due date has changed to July. Ask about payout plans. No finance charge. If you have not received an invoice (it should have come in the snail mail) and you need a paper invoice please call the Treasurer. 


Tinker Lyman Benefit

The Tinker Lyman benefit was a great success! Lots of great friends and horse people enjoyed the great music of the band named Foul Play and food by Chuisano Italian Table.    
Tinker has a benefit account at the Rappahannock National Bank 7 Bank Road Washington, Virginia 22747.
If you missed the Pachanga at the club house it is not too late to contribute and get into heaven. Please send checks  to the bank.


Rapidan River Pony Club Recruiting New Members!

Rapidan River Pony Club (RRPC) is recruiting new members. The RRPC is very team oriented and needs new members to help make the teams. Please contact Laura Cooley at 540/727-0742 (before 8:00 PM please) or


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