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Please consider helping BRH Member Davera Ackenbom

Help support Davera! As many people know, Davera Ackenbom suffered a heart attack while on a farm sit last month. Being the feisty and organized lady we all know and love, Davera was able to not only call 911 but also her daughter, Skye before opening the gate to allow EMS on the property and gathered her personal belongings while waiting on the porch before she coded. EMS arrived in just the nick of time, Davera's heart stopped just as they pulled up. With the closest hospital too far away she was transported to UVA in a helicopter. Help got to her just in time, if they had arrived just a few minutes later we wouldn't still have Davera here with us.

Many (especially, members with Bull Run Hunt) have felt Davera's warm and generous heart. She is the first one to jump in and help, whether it is coaching from the sidelines or organizing her famous Wild Game Dinner each year. She has been a mentor to many of us and we can't wait for her to rejoin us back in the hunt field.

Unfortunately, the cost of an almost two week hospitalization, being med flighted to UVA, follow up appointments and months of cardiac rehabilitation ahead are starting to pile up. She primarily supports herself through farm sitting and horse show judging. Doctors are confident she will make a full recovery but advised her that she won't be able to return to work until at least June 2019. While Davera works hard to recover, let us all help support her and chip in towards her medical bills. She will also need help getting to and from her cardiac rehab appointments 3 times a week if anyone would like to act as her chauffeur.

Please consider donating to a Go Fund Me, setup for her benefit.


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