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Bull Run Announces New Huntsman

The Bull Run Hunt Masters are delighted to share with you that Tim Michel is our new Huntsman. After considering over a dozen candidates, Tim was the obvious choice to take Bull Run hunting program forward. His hound and hunting knowledge were important considerations, but his attitude and commitment to making foxhunting fun and enjoyable for everyone were key to us selecting him. Tim has been mentored and trained by the masters and huntsmen from two of the finest hunt clubs in America- Greenspring Valley and the Midland Hounds, where he served as First Whipper-In and Kennelman. While this will be Tim's first fulltime huntsman position, we are absolutely confident in his abilities to do the job for us. Sheila Brown, MFH Greenspring Valley Hunt, one of the most accomplished foxhunters in the country, strongly believes he is ready, but she is extremely disappointed he will be leaving Greenspring.

We carefully evaluated Tim's hunting and hound abilities, but we also were looking for the best cultural fit for our club. We have attached some photos of Tim and his family and the big smile you see on his face fits perfectly with his personality we came to know during the interview process. We asked Tim if there was a message he wanted us to share with the membership and he said, "My family and I are very excited to be part of Bull Run! I look forward to making Bull Run a long term home and having FUN doing it!! One other thing, I hunted 140 days at Midland and 115 days a season at Greenspring, so there is no question I love to hunt!"

Joining Tim will be Jody and their two lovely daughters- Samantha and Abby- all of whom are accomplished equestrians. Jody, who we also spent time with, currently manages the Greenspring Valley Hunt Stables. She will be looking for a similar opportunity in our area. If you know of any openings, please let us know. Samantha is 7 and her riding skills are already strong. Abby is 16 and competes regularly in horse shows.

As a special treat, Tim will be able to break away from the Virginia Hound Show this weekend to join us at our annual meeting this Friday night. Please come out and welcome Tim to the Bull Run family.

Good hunting,

Masters of Bull Run Hunt





Clay Shoot Results

We want to thank everyone that volunteered to make this a great event and to all those that participated!

Men’s Competitive:

  1. Doug Trice
  2. Travis Heffler                    
  3. John Alexander

Women’s Competitive:

  1. Condon        
  2. Madison Maavere
  3. Linda Miller

Junior Competitive:

  1. Forbes Condon
  2. Giacomo Wilson

Hunt Team:

  1. Bull Run Hunt
  2. Snickersville Hunt
  3. Keswick Hunt




Spring Hunter Pace Results

Thanks to everyone that came and helped put on this fun event!  Here are the results:

Hunt Division

  1. 11 - Marshe Davis, Ginny Perrin
  2. 3 - Mountaineers - Anne Howard, Jennifer H
  3. 16 - Spring Gap Farm
  4. 9 - India Pruitt, Catherine M, Buck Jones
  5. 20 - Mark & Vicky Mitchell
  6. 17 - Lexie Adams, Cynthia Whitman
  7. 7 - Kelly Gannon, Karen Godsex, Lauren Wade
  8. 19 - Troubled Mellow Yellow
  9. 21 - Team Shalow Brook
  10. 2 - Julia's Team
  11. 23 - Beverly Team
  12. 10 - Carter Lemon, Grover Taylor

Pleasure Division

  1. 12 - Robert Davis, Coleman Perrin
  2. 8 - Jessica Cummings & Rory McClendon
  3. 6 - Caroline Chipman, Corisa Vaughan
  4. 14 - Shannon Lillard, Jennifer Berry, Sonja Webb
  5. 4 - Pink Pants - Ali & Jenna 

Junior Division

  1. 18 - Ashley Brown, Hattie Brown, Chyanne McKnight
  2. 1 - Petrina's Team
  3. 22 - Critzer Team
  4. 5 - Vickilynn Bowman & Jrs
  5. 15 - Spartan EQ Team





Randy Hovey Construction has a Forestry Mulcher available

Randy Hovey Construction has done a lot of work for Bull Run Hunt and landowners in our territory.  If you are looking for Forestry Mulching or other construction needs, please consider them.  References available.  While out hunting near Quiet Shade and the Feedlot, you can see how quickly and cleanly it cleared the cedars to return the ground to useable pasture (See pictures below) with no stumps/holes left behind!

Before After 


Hunter Pace Results!

Please call Rosie Campbell, MFH if you would like your ribbons mailed to you. 540.672.5128

Pleasure Division - Optimal Time - 57min 0sec

  1. 22 - Bitches Rule - Wes Watkins and Katie Bernard - 57min 33sec - 33sec off pace
  2. 28 - The Gaited Gals - Emily Breeden, Suzanne Roesler, Michele Seale - 54min 51sec - 2min 9sec off pace
  3.  3 - 3 Arabs - Caroline Chipman, Corrisse Vaughan, Leslie Ziemes - 59min 17sec - 2min 17sec off pace
  4. 15 - Oakland Heights Farm - Laurel Moore, Cathy Giambalco - 1hour 3min 45sec - 6min 45sec off pace
  5.  8 - Robin Squared - Robin Smith, Robin Ciapponie - 1hour 5min 17sec - 8min 17sec off pace
  6. 24 - Red Hot Filly Peppers - Anna Burk, Tori Keller, Rebecca Turner - 48min 30sec - 8min 30sec off pace

Hunter Division - Optimal Time - 41min 0sec

  1. 20 - Morningstar Ladies - Anne Young, Shelly Payne, Kendyl Gerrard - 40min 24sec - 36sec off pace
  2.  9 - Colonial Ridge - Amy Savell, Claire Stinnett - 39min 49sec - 1min 11sec off pace
  3. 19 - Kennel Bitches - Boo Montgomery, Pam Cibula - 39min - 2min off pace
  4.  5 - B Squad - Ann Howard, Tim Howard, Dianne Long - 47min 23sec - 6min 23sec off pace
  5.  2 - Aztec Meadows - Rachel Peterson, Carolyn Briggs - 48min 30sec - 7min 30sec off pace
  6. 21 - 21 Again - Jennifer Huhn - 32min 45sec - 8min 15sec off pace

Junior Division - Optimal Time - 1 hour 1min 47sec

  1. Kline Klan - Joanne Kline, Nick Gudka, Royas Albo Porro - 59min 10sec - 2min 37sec off pace
  2. Brown's Belles -Ashley Brown, Hattie Brown, Chyanne McKnight - 1hour 8min - 6min 13sec off pace
  3. Spring Gap Farm Junior - Jordyn Sneathern, Armana Smithberger, Esther Foland, Lilly Stasko - 52min 7sec - 9min 40sec off pace
  4. All Mixed Up - Becca Pizmont, Dawn Ammen, Hayden Rogers, Autumn Rogers - 38min 9sec - 23min 38sec off pace
  5. Spring Gap Farm Senior -Kina Davis, Courtney Haberlan, Harly Mack - 53min - 12min off pace


UPDATED - Address for Joint Meet with Howard County Iron Bridge - Saturday Nov 17

We will now be hunting from thier "Pleasant Prospect" fixture going off at 11:00am.  The address is 4389 Jennings Chapel Road, Brookeville MD 20833.  

Please download and fill out thier Liability Waiver



Please consider helping BRH Member Davera Ackenbom

Help support Davera! As many people know, Davera Ackenbom suffered a heart attack while on a farm sit last month. Being the feisty and organized lady we all know and love, Davera was able to not only call 911 but also her daughter, Skye before opening the gate to allow EMS on the property and gathered her personal belongings while waiting on the porch before she coded. EMS arrived in just the nick of time, Davera's heart stopped just as they pulled up. With the closest hospital too far away she was transported to UVA in a helicopter. Help got to her just in time, if they had arrived just a few minutes later we wouldn't still have Davera here with us.

Many (especially, members with Bull Run Hunt) have felt Davera's warm and generous heart. She is the first one to jump in and help, whether it is coaching from the sidelines or organizing her famous Wild Game Dinner each year. She has been a mentor to many of us and we can't wait for her to rejoin us back in the hunt field.

Unfortunately, the cost of an almost two week hospitalization, being med flighted to UVA, follow up appointments and months of cardiac rehabilitation ahead are starting to pile up. She primarily supports herself through farm sitting and horse show judging. Doctors are confident she will make a full recovery but advised her that she won't be able to return to work until at least June 2019. While Davera works hard to recover, let us all help support her and chip in towards her medical bills. She will also need help getting to and from her cardiac rehab appointments 3 times a week if anyone would like to act as her chauffeur.

Please consider donating to a Go Fund Me, setup for her benefit.



Joint Meet with Farmington - Sat. Nov 3

We will meet at Beaulieu at 9:00am - 7390 Celt Rd. Standardsville, VA 22973
There will have FHC sign out. There will be a hunt breakfast following given by our hosts, Francis and Katie McGovern.


Please consider printing and signing the FHC waiver ahead of time to help the morning go smoothly (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD WAIVER)


Warrenton Horse Show Hunt Night Results

Bull Run Hunt won CHAMPION HUNT for the show!!! 

Below you will find the placings.  We want to truly thank all the members that participated by riding, loaning horses, coaching, cheering, and helping with the tailgate!!!  What an awesome group of people!


Petrina Thomas - S.R. Easter Lily - 6th
Camyrn Clore - Stockton Creek - 8th


Hattie Brown - Liam - 6th
Keely Cooley - Lands Down Summer of Promise - 8th


Camyrn Clore - Stockton Creek - 6th


Petrina Thomas - S.R. Easter Lily - 2nd
Pam Cibula - Fine Art - 4th
Jamey Altman - Clancy - 8th


Charles Montgomery - Willy - 5th
Becca Pizmoht - Virginia Honey - 6th


Camyrn Clore (Stockton Creek) & Sarah Goode (To Two Too) - 1st
Pam Cibula (Fine Art) & Elizabeth Rock (Newsroom) - 5th


Elizabeth Rock - Newsroom - 1st
Pam Cibula - Fine Art - 4th
Camyrn Clore - Stockton Creek - 6th


Hattie Brown - S.R. Easter Lily - 1st
Keeley Cooley - S.R. Irish Envoy - 5th
JoJo Rodriquez - JT - 6th


Charles Montgomery - Willy - 1st
Jay Moore - For My Daddy - 3rd
Jamey Altman - Clancy - 4th


Pam Cibula - Fine Art - 1st
Charles Montgomery - Willy - 7th


Charles Montgomery - 1st


Jamie Temple - Virginia Honey - 6th


Elizabeth Rock (Newsroom), Sarah Frederick (Full Cry), Pam Cibula (Fine Art) - 1st
Keely Cooley (S.R. Irish Envoy), Jenna Calcaterra (Lands Down Promise of Summer), Petrina Thomas (S.R. Easter Lily) - 2nd
Charles Montgomery (Willy), JoJo Rodriquez (JT), Hattie Brown (Liam) - 3rd
Jay Moore (For My Daddy), Jamey Altman (Clancy), Charles Montgomery (Willy) - 4th


Camyrn Clore - Stockton Creek


Pam Cibula - Fine Arts
Click on the the Gallery link to view full size images



Annual Meeting

Congratulations to Davera Ackenbom for receiving the Kincheloe Award for all her service to the hunt!

Also Recognitions were given to Andy Stahling, Sally Lamb, Terry Clore, Susan Travellin, and Kem Courtney for all they have done this year!  Recipients were also given a St. Hubert medal.

We would like to introduce our two new Board Members - Ashley Brown and Billy Frederick and thank Kristi Clore for agreeing to serve another term.