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The 2ndAnnual Central Virginia Young Entry Junior Handlers Hound Show


to be held at The Hill - 13257 Durantes Curve, Boston, Virginia

By kind invitation of Mr. Larry Levy

Sunday, May 19, 2019 Not to start before 12:00 noon

Entries: $5 per Junior Handler - Entries by e-mail close at 8:00 p.m., May 10, 2019

Post-entries: $10 per Junior Handler 

Judge: Mr. Edgar S. Wilson, MFH, Belle Meade Hunt

A fun educational event to celebrate kids, hounds and open space!

Flyer Available Here


Junior Handlers entered in this show must exhibit American, English, Crossbred or Penn-Marydel Foxhounds, beagles or bassets. Hounds must belong to packs recognized or registered by the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America or National Beagle Club, except for those hounds shown in the Retired Foxhound Class or by permission of the Organizers. Kennel coats and hunt caps or bowlers should be worn by all Junior Handlers while showing hounds. Organizers will have a limited number of kennel coats, hunt caps, hunt whips and hunt horns available for use by exhibiting Junior Handlers.

Ribbons will be presented to the top 6 competitors in each class. Classes may be split or combined at Organizer’s discretion. Goodie bags are guaranteed for all Junior Handlers entered by the entry deadline.

Water for hounds will be available on the grounds. No kennels will be provided. Food will be available for exhibitors and spectators.

A waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian for each Junior Handler. Waiver forms will be sent via e-mail to pre-entries and available from the Secretary on show day.


Entries are to be made by e-mail to Only one entry fee will be charged to each exhibiting Junior Handler for the day. Junior Handlers may enter as many classes as they may be eligible. Post-entries, scratches and substitutions may be made on show day with the Secretary. We will confirm by phone or e-mail once entries are received.

ENTRY INFORMATION: Please list the following information in your e-mail:

  • ❑  Junior Handler name

  • ❑  Age

  • ❑  Hunt affiliation, if any

  • ❑  Contact number & e-mail

  • ❑  Class number(s) & name

  • ❑  Huntsman or Hunt Staff Member name (Pack Class only)

  • Hound name, age and owner (Retired Foxhound Class only)We will confirm by phone or e-mail once entries are received.


10:00 a.m. Secretary’s tent opens

Not before 12:00 noon Show begins, all classes will be held consecutively

  •  Class No. 1 - Junior Handlers ages 6 and under

  • ●  Class No. 2 - Junior Handlers ages 7 – 10

  • ●  Class No. 3 - Junior Handlers ages 11 – 16

  • ●  Class No. 4 - Retired Foxhound Class - Open to dogs and bitches of any age as long as they are retired from hunting. Hounds are to be shown by Junior Handlers and will be judged on manners, condition and way of going.

  • ●  Class No. 5 Pack Class - Each Hunt may enter and show a pack in the Pack Class with each pack consisting of three or four couple of hounds. The pack will be shown by the Huntsman or a Hunt Staff Member and up to four Junior Handlers acting as Whippers-In. Each pack may be shown multiple times with different Junior Handlers as separate entries. Each entry will be judged as a unit on uniformity, on the obedience and the responsiveness of hounds to staff.

  • ●  Class No. 6 Hornblowing Competition - The Hornblowing Competition will be open to all Junior Handlers.

  • ●  Class No. 7 Whipcracking Competition - The Whipcracking Competition will be open to all Junior Handlers.

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