Hunt Monitor

(540) 829-8353

Please always call before heading out to make sure of time, fixture, and conditions.

Hon. Secretary  908-400-8223

Field Secretary - 540-672-5128 

Bull Run Hunter Series

Saturday - August 18th, 2018 - 8:30am

Locust Hill Farm - 9427 Oak Park Road, Locust Dale, VA 22948

Directions - From Culpeper: Route 15 South to Locust Dale. Right on Oak Park Road. 2nd driveway on Right.

Directions - From Gordonsville: Route 15 North thru the Town of Orange to Locust Dale. Left on Oak Park Road. 2nd driveway on Right.

Download Prize List Here

*VHSA Associate Member Event  

+BHSA Member Event

$17 Per Class or Pre-Entries $15 Per Class Due by 9:00 PM Tuesday before show

Enter by Fax or Email

Fax: 540.301.3619  or

Ring open for schooling from 7:00-8:15

Concession Stand run by and to benefit the Rixeyville Riders 4-H Club

  • +1. Leadline-50% Rider, 50% Pony (BHSA)

Pre Short Stirrup Equitation: Open to riders 10 & under, may NOT cross enter into any class that canters or jumps.

  • +2. Pre Short Stirrup Eq.- Walk 
  • +3. Pre Short Stirrup Eq. -Walk/Trot 
  • +4.  Pre Short Stirrup Eq. -Walk/Trot/Obstacles 

Short Stirrup Equitation: Open to riders 12 years of age & under. Riders not allowed to cross enter into classes where they would jump over 18”.

  • +5. Short Stirrup Eq. - Walk/Trot 
  • +6. Short Stirrup Eq. - Walk/Trot/Canter 
  • +7. Short Stirrup Eq -  Over Fences (18”) 
Short Stirrup Hunter: Open to riders 12 years of age & under. May not cross enter into any other VHSA division except Pleasure and Eq Flat.
  • *8. Short Stirrup Hunter-O/F
  • *9. Short Stirrup Hunter-O/F
  • *10. Short Stirrup Hunter-U/S

Pleasure Pony: Open to ponies ridden by juniors. Judged on performance and soundness with emphasis on manners & suitability.

  • *+11. Pleasure Pony-Walk/Trot 
  • *+12. Pleasure Pony-Go As You Please 
  • *+13. Pleasure Pony-Walk/Trot/Canter 

Pony Equitation: Open to ponies ridden by juniors. At least 1⁄4 of class to return for the flat.  Small (2’) Medium (2’3”) Large (2’6”)

  • *+14. VHSA/BHSA Associate Pony Equitation 

Pony Hunter: Open to ponies not exceeding 14.2 hands, ridden by juniors.

  • *+15. Pony Hunter-Over Fences (2’, 2’3”, 2’6”) 
  • *+16. Pony Hunter-Over Fences (2’, 2’3”, 2’6”) 
  • *+17. Pony Hunter-Under Saddle 

Low/Schooling Hunter: Open to horses and ponies. No restrictions on riders. Low Hunter to jump 2’, Schooling Hunter to jump 2’6”.

  • +18. Low/Schooling Hunter-Over Fences (2’, 2’6”) 
  • +19. Low/Schooling Hunter-Over Fences (2’, 2’6”) 
  • +20. Low/Schooling Hunter-Under Saddle 
  • *+21. VHSA/BHSA Eq. on the Flat (Will Split if entries warrant) 
  • 22. VHSA/BHSA Child/Adult Eq. Fences 2’6” or 3’ 

Children's/Adult Hunter: Open to juniors or adult amateurs on horses. Fences 2’6” or 3’.

  • *+23. Children’s/Adult-Over Fences (2’6” or 3’) 
  • *+24. Children’s/Adult-Over Fences (2’6” or 3’) 
  • *+25. Children’s/Adult-Under Saddle 

Working Hunter: Open to all riders & horses. Fences 3’.

  • *+26. Working Hunter-Over Fences (3’) 
  • *+27. Working Hunter-Over Fences (3’) 
  • *+28. Working Hunter-Under Saddle 

Pleasure Horse: Open to horses ridden by juniors or adults. Judge on performance and soundness with emphasis on manners and suitability.

  • *+29. Junior/Adult Pleasure Horse-Walk Trot 
  • *+30. Junior/Adult Pleasure Horse-GAYP 
  • *+31. Junior/Adult Pleasure Horse-Under Saddle 

***NOT BEFORE 3:00pm***

Field Hunters

  • 31. Field Hunter O/F-Fences 2’9” - Will split if entries warrant
  • 32. Junior Field Hunter O/F-Fences 2’6”
  • 33. Ladies Hunter Hack-Fences 2’6”
  • 34. Junior Hunter Hack-Fences 2’6”
  • 35. Gentleman’s Hunter Hack-Fences 2’6” 

Hunt Teams

  • 36. Hunt Teams-Fences 2’9”
  1. There will be six ribbons in each class. Champion &Reserve Ribbons & Prizes.
  2. The Judges Decision is final.
  3. Points awarded as follows: 1st-10 2nd-6, 3rd-4, 4th-2, 5th-1, 6th-1/2
  4. Approved Hats required when mounted.
  5. The show manager has the right to split, combine or cancel any division if there aren't sufficient entries.
  6. A negative coggins within 12 months must be presented in order to show. Please bring a copy.
  7. All dogs must be on a leash.
  8. A $35 fee will be charged for all returned checks.
  9. All classes are governed by the rules/specifications set by the VHSA/BHSA rule books. 
  10. The Bull Run Hunt, Locust Hill Farm, any officials, employees, or board of directors, will not be held responsible for any accident or loss which may occur to any exhibitor, spectator, groom, or animal on the show grounds.  Participants & spectators understand that horses are inherently unpredictable, dangerous, & equipment & grounds conditions are equally unpredictable; yet individuals knowingly choose to participate and/or spectate, taking total responsibility for this decision. Entry into the show grounds constitutes knowledge & agreement with this policy.

Member Event of the Orange County Fair Horse Show Series

Compete for Year End Awards & the oppurtunity to compete in Hunter Derby competitions in October! Over $2,500.00 in Prize Money and Awards!