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Warrenton Horse Show Hunt Night - A Labor Day Tradition

Long before there was a Virginia Gold Cup, the Warrenton Horse Show was Fauquier County's claim to equestrian fame. Not much is known about the grounds' early days. Because the Warrenton Horse Show never had an office, much of the history lies buried in attics throughout the county. And many of the "old timers" are gone now. 

Enter the horses. Taking a lead perhaps from the Upperville Colt and Horse Show, several Warrenton horsemen decided to hold their own competition in 1899. Charlie W. Smith and Julian Kieth reportedly spearheaded this endeavor. The Warrenton Horse Show was granted a charter on August 8, 1899, under the applicants William H Gaines, E. Astley Cooper, W. A. Thompson, M. B. Payne and George S. Smith. 

The first show was held virtually in Neptune Lodge's back yard . Longtime show Director and Secretary Frank D, Gaskins is credited with the selection of this spot and its lease the first year.  

In May of 1900, the Warrenton Horse Show Association purchased the entire 8.74-acre parcel , complete with schoolhouse, desks and other furniture. The purchase price for this sliver of a once great holding was $1,950. A new era had begun. 

From the start, the show was a hit with spectators. The show also was noted for its interim entertainment. Unusual pageants and displays kept this lively between classes for many years.

The Warrenton Horse Show has toned down with time, but retains a certain loyal clientele. Now a C rated show by the USEF, it attracted about 4,000 people last year. 

Each Sunday of Labor Day weekend foxhunters from all over the Mid-Atlantic descend on Warrenton for Hunt Night!  Where once a year the stars of the hunt field show that foxhunters truly can do it all and compete in a ring under the lights!

Bull Run hosts a wonderful tailgate as we cheer on our brave members that go into the ring!  Everyone is welcome!