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Please always call before heading out to make sure of time, fixture, and conditions.

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Wild Game Dinner

BRH Wild Game Dinner

Check out the article in Middleburg Life!  (starting on page 25)

Saturday, January 26th 2019

Cocktails @ 6:00pm - Dinner @ 7:00pm

Inskeep Hall (12240 Mitchells Road, Mitchells VA)

$50 per person - Open to the Public!  Bring a friend!


RSVP to Davera Ackenbom - - 434.960.7975 - for Cash or Check Payment



 See the Facebook Event HERE

Menu (more to come)

  Wild Boar Sausage
  Wild smoked Salmon
  Marinated smoked goose strips
  Wild Boar Poppers

  Pheasant Normandy
  Doves in Orange/BBQ Sauce
  Mahi Shrimp Corn Chowder
  Elk Lasagna
  Venison Goulash
  Elizabethan Trussed Quail
 Wild Suckling Eurasian Boar
  Also a non game entree for the faint of heart

Salad Variety
Wild Rice

A large variety
The feature being BRH very own Rosie Campbell's MFH Delicious Trifle