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Please always call before heading out to make sure of time, fixture, and conditions.

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Wild Game Dinner

BRH Wild Game Dinner

Check out the article in Middleburg Life!  (starting on page 25)

Saturday, January 27th 2018


Cocktails @ 6:00pm

Dinner @ 7:00pm

Inskeep Hall

(12240 Mitchells Road, Mitchells VA)

$45 per person - Open to the Public!  Bring a friend!

RSVP to Davera Ackenbom - - 434.960.7975

 See the Facebook Event HERE

Menu (more to come)

  Wild Boar Sausage
  Wild smoked Salmon
  Marinated smoked goose strips
  Wild Boar Poppers

  Pheasant Normandy
  Doves in Orange/BBQ Sauce
  Mahi Shrimp Corn Chowder
  Elk Lasagna
  Venison Goulash
  Elizabethan Trussed Quail
 Wild Suckling Eurasian Boar
  Also a non game entree for the faint of heart

Salad Variety
Wild Rice

A large variety
The feature being BRH very own Rosie Campbell's MFH Delicious Trifle