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Please note that for some fixtures there is no GPS street address so the one given will get you as close as possible.  Then you will need to follow the text directions given.

Fixture Name

Closest GPS Address

Further Information


1570 Forest Drive, Orange, Va

Stay on paved road until barnyard. Parking below the silo.

Bending River

2008 North James Madison Hwy, Locust Dale, Va

Follow gravel drive staying to the right. Parking in field in front of brick house

Bushy Mountain Farm

22000 Bushy Mountain Lane, Rapidan, Va

Parking in field on left after crossing over small stream

Cedar Mountain Farm

23350 Cedar Mountain Drive

Rapidan, VA 22733



9320 Horseshoe Road, Rapidan, VA

Entrance is opposite the address, across concrete bridge. Stay on main drive 2.7 miles. Parking along the road near the barns and silos.

Freedom Fields

8048 Oak Park Rd, Locust Dale, VA

Parking is in the field just north of entrance.

Hawfield Grange

Crenshaw Lane, Rapidan, Va

Hawfield Grange is small building opposite this drive. Parking is through the stone entrances in front of the building

The Hill

13003 Durantes Curve, Boston, Va

Follow road up the hill and parking will be on the left


23042 Cedar Mountain Dr, Rapidan, VA


Inskeep Hall

12240 Mitchell Rd, Mitchells, VA

Pull up towards the building before turning onto the grass to park

BRH Kennels

22207 Cedar Mountain Dr, Mitchells, VA


Little Winter Farm

19447 River Dale Lane Rapidan, VA

After pulling into drive take 1st left and then stay to the right past the first house into pasture to park

Locust Hill Stables

9427 Oak Park Rd, Locust Dale Va

Stable entrance is just north of the house entrance, next to the pond. Parking is in the field next to stable or around the stable depending on the day.

Maple Lawn

8544 Maple Lawn Lane, Rapidan, VA

Follow Maple Lawn Lane. At the pond, take the gravel road towards the right. Parking is in the pasture around the big red barn.


13045 Mitchell Road, Mitchells, VA 22729



8070 N James Madison Hwy, Rapidan, VA

Follow gravel road. Parking is in the grass between the cottage and cabin.

The Prairie

17039 Raccoon Ford Rd, Culpeper, VA 22701


Quiet Shade

8201 Robinson River Rd, Rapidan, VA

Follow gravel road 1 mile through the fields and woods. Parking on the left after you get through the woods.


9320 Horseshoe Road, Rapidan, VA

Entrance is opposite the address, across concrete bridge. Stay on main drive 0.5 mile. Parking in the grass field on the left.


23754 Algonquin Trail, Culpeper, VA


Todd’s Field

24000 River Rd, Rapidan, VA


Winston Springs

11363 Winston Road, Culpeper, VA

Pull into driveway. Parking will either be in the pasture to the right or follow the gravel drive back through the barns to back pasture (signs will be out to help).



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