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Made Fox Hunter looking for a partner for the season

Max is looking for a partner to take him hunting this season! I’m 6 months pregnant, and am looking for someone who may need a hunt mount for this 2019/2020 season. Max is a MADE field hunter with 15 years experience , and would be suited to second or third flight. (With his age, I don’t want him going first flight anymore.) He’s a stocky Percheron cross, at 15.2hh. He stands quietly at the start of the hunt, and at checks and happily side passes to other horses for flask breaks. Easy to rate , easy to ride, will pop over logs without batting an eye. Does not kick out at hounds or other horses, and can be run up on/run into/ galloped past by staff without getting worried. Max opens gates, will leave the field and go by himself, can pony other horses etc. Just ask, and he’ll do it. He LOVES to hunt, and goes out hot/jigging for the first 15 minutes or so. He settles right in and does nothing dangerous. NO BUCK/REAR/SPOOK, but don’t recommend a dead beginner because he gets excited at the start. Even if you just want a trail horse and can keep him going for the next 6 months or so, let me know.

Contact Lindsey Catrina, or call/text 540-661-2919. 

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