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Please always call before heading out to make sure of time, fixture, and conditions.

Hon. Secretary  908-400-8223

Field Secretary - 540-672-5128 


Have Stall Gates or Supplies to help Delaware State Riding Team?

From Bryce Allen - 

My fiancé Kamerra is the NCAA division 1 hunter seat coach for Delaware state and the team needs your help! They just moved to a new facility and are in need of supplies but more importantly STALL GATES. If you can help, there are tax deductions available. Contact Kamerra Brown if you can help or know someone who can. Thank you.
Cell: 703-625-3813


Tad Coffin Saddle Fit Discussion and Demonstration

The Bull Run Hunt is pleased to invite you to a saddle discussion and demonstration given by Tad Coffin. It will be held at Locust Hill Stables (9427 Oak Park Road, Locust Dale, VA 22948) on Friday, August 7th starting promptly at 6 pm. 

FREE - Refreshments Served - Please RSVP to Rosie Campbell at (540) 672-5128

As an Olympic gold medalist and the only American manufacturer of English saddles, Tad Coffin is uniquely qualified to discuss saddle design and the influence saddles have on the horse\rider relationship.  

In this discussion, Tad will share some of his discoveries from 20 years of research and development and what he has come to believe about the potential inherent in the saddle. His beliefs stand in contrast to much of conventional saddle wisdom.

In the demonstration, Tad will ride 2 horses well known to members of the hunt.  He will  highlight the relationship between saddles and a horse's movement, temperament and resistances. He will ride using his saddle with the technology he has developed  and discuss its impact on performance. He will cover his criteria for saddle fit, padding and placement.

Please join us and grow your understanding of saddles and their potential.  Look forward to seeing you all there!  - Bryce Allen and the Bull Run Hunt 

For more information about Tad's saddle, check out his website, slide show on SmartRide Technology and video!​ 


Changing of the Collar and Puppy Naming Auction


Kennel Renovations

The Bull Run Hunt Kennel is in need of renovations in order to improve the health and workability of the hounds, horses, and staff.  The proposed plan is to remove the raised floor tack room and pour a concrete slab with a tack/meds room and hound/horse feed storage area.  This will improve our kennel, and thus impact our hounds and staff in many important ways.

  1. Dedicated Feed Room - storing feed in a feed room and out of the freezers that are in aisle ways of the kennels will enable us to ensure cleaner kennel space and that feed is being kept as fresh as possible before being fed to the hounds.  The condition of the freezers currently being used to store hound feed is deteriorating in spite of being painted with rust proof paint - making it even more difficult to ensure sanitary conditions where hounds eat and are treated/medicated

  2. Rodent/Flea/Tick/Tapeworm Control - Pouring the concrete slab for the tack room will eliminate a large habitat area for rodents - this will help with the rat problem in the barn and kennel - rats are a prime way that fleas can be introduced into the pack and therefore tapeworms as well - anything that we can do to increase prevention of these problems cuts down significantly on treatment costs in the future

  3. Insulated & Heated Tack/Meds Room - Pouring a slab floor for the tack room is going to allow for more effective insulation therefore making it easier to efficiently heat the space - during this past winter the hunt had to store medication, supplies, and beet pulp for both hounds and horses - in the refrigerator in the kennels or directly next to the baseboard heaters (fire hazard) to keep them from freezing.  Being able to heat the tack room will create a much improved working environment for staff during the cold

  4. Hot Water Heater Location - Tack room improvements will also allow for the hot water heater for the kennel and barn, to be kept in a heated space and therefore be more energy and cost efficient.

  5. Utility Sink/Washer/Dryer - Adding a utility sink  in the tack room will provide a space when necessary to treat injured hounds.  The addition of a washer and dryer will prevent the necessity of using the huntsman's personal washer and dryer for barn and kennel laundry and will reduce the wear and tear on the newly renovated huntsman's house

  6. Addition of Direct Stable Access - Currently in order to enter the stable side of the building you have to go through the working area of the kennel.  This new design allows movement between the tack room and stable without going through the kennel, allowing for easier simultaneous stable and kennel work to go on.

We are asking that members and friends of Bull Run Hunt consider donating to help with this project.  If you would like to donate or have any questions please contact Bucky Hill, BRH Board Member at (540) 229-5477 or


BRH Clubhouse Renamed to Honor Inskeep Family

At the Bull Run Hunt Annual Meeting, the Masters of BRH, unveiled a new name and sign for the Clubhouse!  We are proud to announce that it is now "Inskeep Hall" in honor of the generosity and commitment the Inskeep family has played in allow Bull Run Hunt to have some of the best territory in the country.


The Montgomerys - Hound Shows and Foxboro Foot Pack

Besides just managing the Kennels, hounds, and territory this summer, Charles and Boo have been busy at the Hound Shows!

Carolina Hound Show

Charles judged the Penn Marydel Ring and the English Ring bitches.  Boo's terrier, Bizzi, was 2nd in the terrier class for bitches, while her dog, Rolo, won the terrier class for dogs and went on to win Reserve Champion Terrier for the show.  Boo won the Hollering Contest as well (is anyone surprised???)  ;-)

Virginia Hound Show

Charles was one of four huntsmen asked to speak at the MFHA Whipper-In seminar, the Saturday before the Virginia Foxhound Show.  The seminar was incredibly interesting and educational for whipper-ins old and new.  This would be a great experience for anyone that is currently whipping-in, aspires to whip-in, and field members.  Being able to listen to four different huntsmen, from different territories, answer questions and discuss what they like to see in staff was very helpful.  Additionally they put up two different maps and gave the audience scenarios to determine how staff should respond based on terrain, conditions, and number of staff out.

Foxboro Foot Pack

Some of you may remember, earlier this year, when the Foxboro Foot Pack came up with thier Basset Pack to rabbit hunt.  Well, keep an eye out for this week's Chronicle, as our own Boo Montgomery was named a new joint Master of Bassets for the Foxboro!!!  Please congratulate her the next time you see her!  Well deserved and we are all looking forward to joining her on some Basset Hunts this year!


Bull Run Hunt Birth Announcement!

Bull Run Spartan 2006 and Bull Run Ella 2014 

are proud to announce 
the arrival of their litter of 9 
Sunday May 19, 2015 
Ella is being a great mom, puppies are growing fat and strong and will begin to open their eyes in the next few days. 



Spring Hunter Pace Results 2015

We had a fantastic day for the Hunter Pace last weekend!  Here are the results, below.  If you would be willing to share any pictures from the day, please email them to or post them to our page on Facebook.

Pleasure Division

  1. Woodside - Susan Travellin and Alan Gooding
  2. Step at a Time 2 - Jack Hook and Melanie Mervis
  3. Odd Couple - Bonnie Smith and Greta Krafsig
  4. Origeana - Anita, Barbara Colbert, Charlene Isner, and Alice Martin Muler
  5. Team Martin - Peter and Lynn Martin
  6. Sisters - Jaynelle Rener and Cindi Morance
  7. The Party Is Here - Caroline Peterson, Sherri Thomas, Pam Kunley, and Amber Littleton 

Hunt Division

  1. Out of Towners - Joan Berstein, Peter Brainard, and Bob Holmes
  2. Ebony and Ivory - Andy Stahling and Joann Norman
  3. Black and Blues - Micha Lisa and Jennifer Long
  4. Impara - Peter Isaac, Catherine Miles, and Marie Degellin
  5. Hell or High Water - Helen Hayn, Mandi Hagan, Diane Trybul, Sophie Bartholomeus, and Emma Row
  6. Step at a Time 1 - Julie Williamson, Lindsay Williamson, and Toni Flory

Junior Division

  1. Summerduck Wood 2 -Annie Burke, Carissa Bolin, Bennett Clinton, Becca Peasmont
  2. Team Bourke -David, Renee, and Liam Bourke
  3. Summerduck Wood 1 -Riley Twyan, Monah Soucie, Becca Peasmont, Jack Strattler
  4. Red Hot Messes - Micha and Jennifer Long
  5. Red Hill Ladies - Katie Sharp and Mila Jelenik
  6. Kline Clan - Joann, Molly, Evan, and Rory Kline




2015 Spring Clay Shoot Results

We had a fabulous day with 77 shooters – a record crowd and completely sold out!  We had 4 hunt teams competing from Bull Run, Old Dominion, Warrenton and Deep Run. 

Godfrey Kauffman of Old Dominion was our Overall High Point Shooter with 64 out of 75, taking home the Men’s Championship.  Ahmed Labault was 2nd in the Men’s with 63 and Dick Bickel was 3rdwith 62. 

Our High Junior was Lisle Elliman of Woodberry Forest with a 63 (also the 2nd highest score of the day).  2nd was Ross Winston (57) of Woodberry and we had a 4 way tie for 3rd: Sterling Colgan (ODH), Patrick Dominick (Wakefield School); Calvin Mulligan (Wakefield School) and Tristin Bapst (Wakefield School)all with a score of 49.

Kim Wilkins won the Ladies Championship.

Our Hunt Team Championship again went to Bull Run Hunt with the 3  high point shooters being Dick Bickel, Rob Martin and Wes Watkins.  2nd went to Old Dominion with the high point shooters being Godfrey Kauffman, Tim Colgan and Sterling Colgan.  3rd place went to Warrenton Hunt with the high point shooters being Brian Vella, Arthur Nash, and Rick Laimbeer.

Thanks to our sponsors for great prizes for our shooters- Blue Ridge Trailers, Plow and Hearth, The Omni Homestead Shooting Club, Clark Brothers and Gibson’s Pawn and Gun Shop.



Directions to Deep Run Joint Meet - Feb 14, 2015

These are the best directions from the BRH Kennels to the fixture at Deep Run as per Charles and Boo (who know it the best)   :-)


  1. Take 15 South to Rt 6 East (will be between Palmyra and Fork Union, about 50 miles on Rt 15 from Kennels, about 16 miles on Rt 15 from the Rt 15/I64 interchange)
  2. Follow Rt 6 for about 4.5 miles to the village of Columbia, turn right onto Columbia Rd (Rt 690)
  3. Follow Columbia Rd for about 10 miles until you can take a right onto Morningside Rd (Rt 611)
  4. From Morningside Rd go about 2.5 miles and take a right onto Cartersville Rd (Rt 45)
  5. Go about 7-10 miles on Cartersville Rd (Rt 45) and look for the Deep Run Hunt signs and trailers parking on the right.


Feel free to download this PDF (printable) map with directions from the Route 15 and Interstate 64 interchange at Zions Crossroads to the Deep Run fixture.

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