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Please always call before heading out to make sure of time, fixture, and conditions.

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Bull Run Hunt Spring Clay Shoot Results!


1st: Ahmed LaBault 62 ( Won Tie)
2nd: Brian Damiani 62 (Lost tie)
3rd: Kyle Temple 60
4th: 3 way Tie: Dick Bickel, James Fitzgerald & Jessie Huddleston


1st: Jack Quinn 58
2nd Brody Fisher 55
3rd: Liam Burke 38


1st: Kim Wilkins 31

Hunt Teams

1st: Bull Run Hunt ( Top 3 - Dick Bickel 59, Rob Martin 54, Jimmy Hanagan 35)
2nd: Warrenton ( Top 3 - Brian Vella 50, Carter Vella 45, Rick Laimbeer 37)
3rd: Farmington ( Top 3 - Mark Thompson 40, Reynolds Cowles 38, JB Birdsall 37)
Thanks to our sponsors: Big Iron Outdoors, Bull Run Shooting Center, Blue Ridge Trailers, Central Virginia Sporting Clays, Plow and Hearth & Purcell's Custom Firearms.
And thanks to all the members who came out and supported our fund raiser and all the hard working RSO's. We could not have done it without each and everyone of you!



Bull Run Hunt Spring Hunter Pace Results!

Hunt Division

Team # Names Time out Time in Elapsed Time Place Time off pace time
19 Blue Star, Priscilla Friedberg 11:44:25 AM 12:14:48 PM 0:30:23 1 0:05:15
9 Jumping For Joy, Amy Savell 10:15:16 AM 10:47:38 AM 0:32:22 2 0:07:14
1 Step at a Time I, Julie Williamson 9:15:05 AM 9:48:57 AM 0:33:52 3 0:08:44
2 Step at a Time II, Jack Hook 9:15:15 AM 9:49:09 AM 0:33:54 4 0:08:46
12 All About Flatter, Bridgette Efaw 10:21:07 AM 10:57:30 AM 0:36:23 5 0:11:15
16 Terrific Thompson, Mark and Shelly 11:02:47 AM 11:40:12 AM 0:37:25 6 0:12:17
8 Mobile Home Mommas, Carter Iseman 10:12:54 AM 10:51:48 AM 0:38:54 7 0:13:46
17 Riddle Me This, Cheryl and Budd Riddle 11:29:17 AM 12:16:46 PM 0:47:29 8 0:22:21

Junior Division

Pinny # Names Time out Time in Elapsed Time Place Time off pace time
15 Hope's Legacy, Jenny Germoth 11:48:39 AM 12:43:25 PM 0:54:46 1 0:16:31
21 Duet, Armena Smithberger 10:42:29 AM 11:43:18 AM 1:00:49 2 0:22:34

Pleasure Division

Team # Names Time out Time in Elapsed Time Place Time off pace time
18 Odd Couple, Suzy Gheris 11:32:31 AM 12:14:48 PM 0:42:17 1 0:02:43
20 Spring Gap, Cindy Walsh 11:57:01 AM 12:51:25 PM 0:54:24 2 0:09:24
3 White Oak Stables, Greta Krafsis 9:20:07 AM 10:15:04 AM 0:54:57 3 0:09:57
4 Young and Restless, Adrianna Waddy 9:27:47 AM 10:27:39 AM 0:59:52 4 0:14:52
6 Triple Threat, Anne Young 10:01:12 AM 11:03:21 AM 1:02:09 5 0:17:09
11 Team Powhaten, India Pruitt 10:18:09 AM 11:24:46 AM 1:06:37 6 0:21:37
10 Shenanignas, Amber Littlejohn 10:25:19 AM 11:32:31 AM 1:07:12 7 0:22:12
7 Fantastic Four, Brandon Miles 10:23:21 AM 11:36:02 AM 1:12:41 8 0:27:41
14 Team Blue Creek, Lynne Allen 11:04:09 AM 12:21:13 PM 1:17:04 9 0:32:04
5 Three "S's", Erica Stevens 9:38:58 AM 10:59:29 AM 1:20:31 10 0:35:31

Directions for BRH/ODH Joint meet at Belle Plaine 3/9/17

The directions for tomorrow's joint meet can be found by putting in your starting location here - 

The street address is 2488 South James Madison Highway, Orange, Va 22960 - NOTE:  Mapquest and Vehicle GPS can find it but Google Maps DOES NOT know where it is.

Text directions from Culpeper:
  1. ​From the Rt15/Rt29 interchange south of Culpeper​, take Route 15 South towards Orange for 11.5 miles (you will cross into Madison County)
  2. The drive way will be next to the Great Run and will have a tan sign with black letters saying "Belle Plaine"
  3. Follow the gravel driveway until you see a double metal gate, pull into this field for parking.  The lunch will be across the driveway in the grass riding arena.
The BBQ lunch will begin at 11:30am and hounds will go off at 1:00pm
Attire is ratcatcher.

Bull Run Hunt Wins Belle Meade Performance Trial!

Bull Run Hunt won the Best Pack (among many other awards) at the 2017 Belle Meade Performance Trials in Thoson, Ga!!!  You can view all the placings by clicking here.

Below you will find the placings for BRH Hounds:

Overall Scores (You can find each individual day's scores at the link above)

  • Hunting - The persistent search for game at any time when good trailing or running is not in the sensible vicinity.  A hound that persistently hunts for permitted quarry scent should be scored for hunting even if it does not find the scent.  A hound may be scored  for hunting with  its head up or down depending on scent conditions.  A harking, following or drifting hound should not be scored as a hunting hound.
    • 1st Place - Spree
    • 4th Place - Nicely
    • 7th Place - Nightcap
  • Trailing - The act of actually following the game at distance while giving tongue and making every effort to catch up to the game.  A trailing score should not be given in any instance where solid running of game is in the immediate vicinity.  However, hounds may be scored for trailing separate game at the same time so long as no part of the pack is involved in a chase in which FULL CRY scores are being given.
    • 1st Place - Spree
    • 2nd Place - Nicely
    • 4th Place - Nightcap
  • Full Cry - When a fox or coyote is started and the pack is running, the Judges should endeavor to get to the pack and score all hounds participating in a Full Cry chase.
    • 2nd Place - Spree
    • 3rd Place - Dash
    • 7th Place - Nicely
    • 8th Place - Ella
  • Endurance - A hound must score in either Hunting or Trailing plus Full Cry to receive an Endurance score.
    • 1st Place - Spree
    • 8th Place - Nicely
    • 9th Place - Dash
  • Overall
    • 1st Place - Spree
    • 5th Place - Nicely
    • 8th Place - Dash
    • 9th Place - Nightcap
    • 13th Place - Ella
    • 36th Place - Perfect
  • Hunt Scores
    • 1st Place - Bull Run
    • 2nd Place - Fox River Valley
    • 3rd Place - Belle Meade
    • 4th Place - Bridlespur
    • 5th Place - Millcreek
    • 6th Place - Farmington
  • Huntsman's Choice (out of all hounds competing) - Spree



Thanksgiving Hunt through the Eyes of a Junior

Check out this great drawing down by young Thomas of his mother and himself hunting with Bull Run on Thanksgiving Day!  He even included the fox and hounds!


Jay Moore elected new BRH Master, Jerry Wade named Fieldmaster, and Fred Burks to takeover as President

At the board meeting Sunday night, the BRH Board made three important decisions.  First was the election of Jay Moore to become a Joint Master of Bull Run.  Accordingly, Jay will resign as President of BRH effective immediately. Second was Fred Burks, Vice President of the BRH Board, per our bylaws, becoming our President to serve out the remainder of Jay’s term.  Third was the appointment of Jerry Wade as Field Master of Bull Run Hunt. 

Jay’s selection was submitted to the board by the Masters after months of careful consideration.  On behalf of the Masters, Rosie submitted Jay’s nomination to the board with the following commentary of Jay’s unique qualifications to serve:

 “While we are fortunate that Bull Run Hunt is currently in a very strong position, fox hunting in general is under threat. Fox hunting as a sport and a way of life is looking for a way to survive into the future.  In 2011 there were 208 paid professionals and 156 hunts active, according to the MFHA.  Today there are 180 paid professionals, and many of those are being paid just gas mileage and costs.  And in 2016 there are 144 hunts.  In five yearswe’ve lost 12 hunts and 28 professional hunt jobs.  The trend for fox hunting in America is Downward.  

The Masters need someone who has a keen knowledge of the economy, budgeting and investment, someone who can help us define a strategy that not only keeps us more than barely solvent, but who can help us define a way to grow and prosper.

We believe that Jay has a calm, positive, knowledgeable way of dealing with economic and business issues, and understands both the local and national economy, and someone who can help Bull Run Hunt grow, rather than struggle.

The bottom line is this… there are new hunts coming on board nation-wide, that’s true.  But there are more hunts that are declining, losing territory, and having a hard time finding a way to make a fox hunting pack economically stable.   This is a strategic issue, it is an economic issue, and we need a calm positive approach to move into the future.  We think Jay can help us do that, and we Masters feel we need him. It’s not about merit badges, gold stars, or titles. It’s about what Bull Run Hunt needs most, right now.”

Mike added that Jay has demonstrated strong leadership and diplomacy skills as our President and is in a position in his life where he can commit the time, resources and willingness to hunting and hunt affairs.  Mike particularly noted that Jay will be very effective with critical Master responsibilities including landowner relations, MFHA efforts to protect fox hunting from legislative attack, employee management, asset management, new member development and a long term strategy for the development of Bull Run.

With Jay vacating the office of President to assume his Master responsibilities, we are delighted that Fred Burks is willing to serve as our President until our next board elections.  Thank you Fred.

Of special note, the board passed the following resolution:

“After many years of faithful service to Bull Run Hunt as an informal field master, leading the first field, when called upon to do so, with energy, enthusiasm and an extraordinary understanding of hounds, horses and foxes, Bull Run Hunt would like to recognize and formally appoint Jerry Wade as a Field Master of Bull Run Hunt.  As a Field Master of Bull Run Hunt, Jerry will participate in the rotation with Hunt Masters in leading the first field for Bull Run Hunt.”

Thank you Jerry for all you do for Bull Run and we look forward to your leadership in the hunt field.

These are important events for our club and we are so appreciative of the contributions these individuals have made to Bull Run and their willingness to continue to serve us in their new roles. Please join us in congratulating Jay, Fred and Jerry.


Information for hunt with Keswick on Monday (11/5/16)

Hunting at 10:00am 

Waverley Farm
13434 Waverley Dr., Somerset, Va 22972 - (Frequently, gps does not come up for the farm and takes people to another part of the county be sure to double check)
  1. 20 south out of Orange (towards Charlottesville)
  2. Approx 1/2 mile after the intersection of 20 and 231, turn right on to rt.609
  3. Waverley Farm entrance is first drive on the left
KHC monitor number for last minute updates is 434-296-9405



Information for Sunday (11/20/16) meet with Deep Run

10am meet - formal dress

Best approximate GPS address - 24000 River Rd, Rapidan, VA 22733

  1. Take Rt.20 East out of Orange towards Wilderness.  
  2. Go to Rt.522 and turn left at lights onto 522 N.  
  3. Go north to River Rd on left (opp. Raccoon Ford rd).  
  4. Turn on River Rd (636). 
  5. Go past Bushy Mtn Rd (on left) and at the bottom of the hill park in the harvested bean field on left. The river will be opposite the field. 



Information for Thursday (11/17/16) meet at Old Dominion

9:00AM meet - Dress will be formal. - 6096 Keyser Road, Hume, Va. 22639.     
  1. 29 North to Warrenton.
  2. First Warrenton exit turn left (like going to horse show grounds).
  3. Go to 211 West at Howard Johnson's.
  4. About 4 miles west to rt. 688 Leeds Manor Road turn right.  
  5. About 5 miles to Orlean, keep going past our Kennels to next intersection.  This is the intersection of Leeds Manor Road and Crest Hill Road.
  6. Go through intersection and turn immediate left on Keyser Rd. (dirt road)
  7. Meet about a mile down Keyser on left. 

Information for Tuesday (11/15/16) meet at Green Springs

Address for Kennels:  13920 Mantua Mill Rd., Reisterstown, Md. 21136   Sam's Phone # 443-375-2118

Address for Stoneworth Farm:  3701 Butler Rd., Reisterstown, Md. 21136  phone # for Ellen Macks 410-371-8180

Monday 7 P.M. supper at the club - casual! 

Tuesday 10 A.M. meet, formal attire, breakfast after