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Warrenton Horse Show Hunt Night Results

Bull Run Hunt won CHAMPION HUNT for the show!!! 

Below you will find the placings.  We want to truly thank all the members that participated by riding, loaning horses, coaching, cheering, and helping with the tailgate!!!  What an awesome group of people!


Petrina Thomas - S.R. Easter Lily - 6th
Camyrn Clore - Stockton Creek - 8th


Hattie Brown - Liam - 6th
Keely Cooley - Lands Down Summer of Promise - 8th


Camyrn Clore - Stockton Creek - 6th


Petrina Thomas - S.R. Easter Lily - 2nd
Pam Cibula - Fine Art - 4th
Jamey Altman - Clancy - 8th


Charles Montgomery - Willy - 5th
Becca Pizmoht - Virginia Honey - 6th


Camyrn Clore (Stockton Creek) & Sarah Goode (To Two Too) - 1st
Pam Cibula (Fine Art) & Elizabeth Rock (Newsroom) - 5th


Elizabeth Rock - Newsroom - 1st
Pam Cibula - Fine Art - 4th
Camyrn Clore - Stockton Creek - 6th


Hattie Brown - S.R. Easter Lily - 1st
Keeley Cooley - S.R. Irish Envoy - 5th
JoJo Rodriquez - JT - 6th


Charles Montgomery - Willy - 1st
Jay Moore - For My Daddy - 3rd
Jamey Altman - Clancy - 4th


Pam Cibula - Fine Art - 1st
Charles Montgomery - Willy - 7th


Charles Montgomery - 1st


Jamie Temple - Virginia Honey - 6th


Elizabeth Rock (Newsroom), Sarah Frederick (Full Cry), Pam Cibula (Fine Art) - 1st
Keely Cooley (S.R. Irish Envoy), Jenna Calcaterra (Lands Down Promise of Summer), Petrina Thomas (S.R. Easter Lily) - 2nd
Charles Montgomery (Willy), JoJo Rodriquez (JT), Hattie Brown (Liam) - 3rd
Jay Moore (For My Daddy), Jamey Altman (Clancy), Charles Montgomery (Willy) - 4th


Camyrn Clore - Stockton Creek


Pam Cibula - Fine Arts
Click on the the Gallery link to view full size images



Annual Meeting

Congratulations to Davera Ackenbom for receiving the Kincheloe Award for all her service to the hunt!

Also Recognitions were given to Andy Stahling, Sally Lamb, Terry Clore, Susan Travellin, and Kem Courtney for all they have done this year!  Recipients were also given a St. Hubert medal.

We would like to introduce our two new Board Members - Ashley Brown and Billy Frederick and thank Kristi Clore for agreeing to serve another term.  


InterHunt Hound Schooling Show Results!

Thank You to all the Hunts who participated (Bull Run, Deep Run, Keswick, Farmington, Thornton Hill, Old Dominion) and special thanks To Jay & Shelly Moore for providing such a lovely venue for the show!

  1. Single Dog Unentered
    1. Keswick Keebler 2018
    2. Bull Run
    3. Deep Run
    4. Deep Run
  2. Couple Dogs Unentered
    1. Keswick
    2. Farmington
    3. Farmington
  3. Single Dog Entered
    1. Bull Run Smitty 2017
    2. Old Dominon
    3. Deep Run
    4. Farmington
  4. Couple of Dogs Entered
    1. Bull Run
    2. Deep Run
    3. Farmington
    4. Thornton Hill
  5. Stallion Hound
    1. Bull Run Neptune 2016
    2. Farmington
    3. Thornton Hill
  6. Champion Dog Hound
    1. Bull Run Smitty 2017
    2. Bull Run Neptune 2016
  7. Single Bitch Unentered
    1. Deep Run
    2. Deep Run
  8. Couple of Bitches Unentered
    1. Deep Run
    2. Deep Run
  9. Single Bitch Entered
    1. Deep Run Reminisce 2017
    2. Bull Run
    3. Keswick
    4. Farmington
  10. Couple of Bitches Entered
    1. Bull Run
    2. Farmington
  11. Brood Bitch
    1. Bull Run Dash 2013
    2. Deep Run
    3. Farmington
  12. Champion Bitch
    1. Deep Run Reminisce 2017
    2. Bull Run Dash 2013
  13. Grand Champion of Show
    1. Bull Run Smitty 2017
    2. Deep Run Reminisce 2017



Directions for the BRH and HCIB Joint Meet Weekend

The Howard County Iron Bridge Hunt & Bull Run Hunt Weekend
  • HCIBH is pleased to welcome the Bull Run Hunt hounds, which will meet at 11 a.m. on Sat. Nov. 18 at Pleasant Prospect, with a light breakfast to follow in the lodge.
    • GPS Address: 4389 Jennings Chapel Rd Brookeville, MD 20833
  • We are pleased to welcome the members of Bull Run to dinner that evening, 7 pm at our kennels.
    • GPS address: 18821 Windsor Forest Road, Mt Airy, MD 21771-3923
  • Bull Run members will join the HCIB Hounds 11 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 19 at Harwood, with a light tailgate breakfast to follow. 
    • GPS Address: 3666 Jennings Chapel Rd, Woodbine, MD 21797
Attached is the HCIBH liability release; kindly print out and have ready for Field Secretary Robin Conrad upon arrival.

Hunter Pace Series Winners

Here are the winners for each division of the Hunter Pace Series!

The Hunt Division:

  • Amy Savell & Jamie Temple tied with J.Campbell & A. Riley

The Pleasure Division

  • B. Colbert & C. Isner

The Junior Division

  • Fiona Tustian, J. Kline, and N. Gudka 

Winners should call Rosie at 540-272-5237 or text to collect saddle pad award.



Bull Run Hunt Sidesaddle Ladies at Montpelier Hunt Races

Bull Run Hunt members Newlin Humphrey, Kim Mitchell, and Elizabeth Rock displayed the gorgeous elegance of sidesaddle riding before the races started at the Montpeler Hunt Races this past weekend.  The ladies and thier mounts all looked lovely and we are so proud to have them represent us.

Pictures below taken by Davera Ackenbom and Pam Cibula



Directions for Tuesday 11/7/17 Joint Meet at Blue Ridge - 9:00am

Blue Ridge Hunt Joint meet on Tuesday 7th at 9am.
You can use the GPS address to find the fixture. It is a long drive off Rt.340.
Ratcatcher attire



Directions for Friday, 11/3/17, Joint Meet with Thornton Hill Hounds

Joint meet with Thornton Hill Hounds - Friday 11/3/17 - 9:00am - High Thicket - 367 Fletchers Mill Rd. Woodville, Va.22749 - Ratcatcher Attire 

Best route:
  1. Take Rt. 522 to Woodville. 
  2. Turn right on Rudasill Mill Rd. (Rt. 621)
  3. Follow to crossroads at Five Forks. 
  4. Turn left on Fletchers Mill Rd.
  5. Go past house, driveway on right park in field on right, THH sign.
If you go on 522 to turn at Fletchers Mill Rd/ Old Stable there is a narrow bridge and turn.



Bull Run Hunt Wins Reserve Champion Hunt at Pennsylvania National Horse Show!

Bull Run Hunt wins Reserve Champion Hunt for the Night!We are so proud of all our riders and horses for representing Bull Run Hunt at the 2017 Pennsylvania National Horse Show!  Bull Run ended up Reserve Champion Hunt for the night!  Special thanks goes to our riders Autumn Rogers, Amy Savell, Jennifer Oliver, Jamie Temple, Newlin Humphrey, and Pam Cibula and to Sally Lamb for helping organize the horses, riders, and teams!


Riders 35 and Under

  • 1st - Autumn Rogers on JT
  • 6th - Jamie Temple on Sight Unseen

Ladies Hunter Under Saddle

  • 4th - Pam Cibula on Fine Art
  • 9th - Jennifer Oliver on Side Note

Hunt Teams

  • 3rd - BRH Team 1 - Amy Savell, Jennifer Oliver, Jamie Temple
  • 5th - BRH Team 2 - Pam Cibula, Newlin Humphrey, Autmun Rogers

Leading Lady Rider 

  • 1st - Autumn Rogers on JT

High Point Hunt

  • Reserve Championship - Bull Run Hunt 



Results from the Fall Hunter Pace


The Bull Run Hunter Pace at the Preserve was a huge success. Thanks to all who helped to make it a great day and to all who participated. Please contact Rosie Campbell, MFH for your ribbons. Following are the results of the divisions:

Hunt Division:
1st: Blaze of Glory - Mandy Hagan, Diane Trybul
2nd:Snow Hill Equestrian - Steve Walsh, Richard Dqw, Rachel Cannaway
3rd: Step at a Time 1 - Julie Williamson, Allison Howard
4th: Team EPF - Alana Ballard, Dana Hare, Victorial Couvau
5th: Brookhill Farm - Lynn Gebhard, Rena Morse, Hayden Harden
6th: Worthless Groom - Andy Stahling, Jamie Temple
7th: Team RWR - Jennifer Campbell, Anne Riley, Carolyn Fritz
8th: Hot to Trot - Annette Payne, AB Wade
9th: Shallow Brook - Sharon Smith, Mary Ellen Parsons
10th: Double J -Jame Altman, Jennifer Oliver

Junior Division:
1st: Team Aspen - Fiona Tustian, Anna and Emma Apel
2nd:Pink Ladies - Ashley and Hattie Brown
3rd: Rock Branch 2 - Carol Baber, Anna Baber, Natalie Nuchi, Amanda Reefer
4th: Girl Power - Colleen Roberts, Olivia Schultz
5th: 3 Amigos - Kathy Palmer, Kayla Smith, Catherine Foster
6th: Saddle Up Farm - Elizabeth Larney, Katie Keenan
7th: Madison Centaurs - Taylor Ford, Emily Saikora
8th: Rock Branch 1 - Taylor Thomas, Anika Valentine, Caleb Marder, Julianna

Pleasure Division:
1st: Quadruple Trouble - Suzanne Hubbard, Kendall Knisely, Jennifer Bee, Cristina Anthes
2nd:Mad Orange - Barbara Culbert, Charlene Isner
3rd: Feeling Frisky - Sandy Nelson, Nancy Chasen
4th: Oakland Heights - Laurel Moore, Cathy Giambalvo
5th: Half Awake - Katherine Szatrin, Elizabeth Menisa
6th: Ponies and Proseco - Lindsey Hastings, Archer Lewis
7th: Old Hags on Nags - Kris Nordlie, Wendy Bley
8th: Team Trimmer - Sid and Karen Trimmer
9th: Step at a Time 2 - Torrie Bailers, Rebecca Davies
10th:34 Hands - Robin Ciaponni, Gail Thunder